Waste management services during the state of emergency

Jätekukko is prepared to secure waste management services during corona pandemic

We are taking precautios to ensure necessary waste management services during these exceptional times due to corona pandemic. Jätekukko follows progress of the pandemic daily and we update our instructions concerning waste management.  

You can reach our customer service through Omakukko 24/7 service, e-mail and phone.

Changes in our services and instructions to customers

Sorting and packing of waste during pandemic

Put tissues and napkins to mixed waste container, not in the biowaste container.

Gather contaminated waste in their own waste bin. Cover the bin with plastic bag before use.  Before taking the plastic bag to the waste container close it carefully. Empty the separate bin daily.

Sort different kind of packaging waste, flatten and pack them tightly to reduce the amount of waste. Don’t leave your waste to recycling or areal collection points if the containers are full.


UFF informs that most of its textile collection points are closed for the time being. At Jätekukko's area of operation it means all UFF's collection points. The coronavirus pandemic has complicated delivering forward the collected clothes. Customers are asked to store clothes at home in a dry place until exceptional circumstances are over. In Jätekukko's area textile collection points are located in sorting stations and some of the areal collection points.

Customer service

Prefer e-mail, Omakukko 24/7 service or websites Chat service over customer service phone. Our phone service can occationally be overloaded. You can also send information to customer service by scanning your document or taking a photo of it and sending it by e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@jatekukko.fi


Letters and other mail isn’t handled for the time being. If you have contacted us through mail, please contact us again via e-mail, Omakukko 24/7 service or websites chat service.


Our customer service point is closed for the time being.  

Emptying of the waste containers

If your waste container isn’t emptied on time and it’s full, pack your excess waste carefully and store them in a space that isn’t a hazardous to health or where animals can’t get to the waste and spread it around. 

Washing of the waste containers

Washing service for waste containers starts after Easter. We follow authority's guidelines for safety measures. Personnel uses necessary protective devices to carry out the washing task safely.

We ask customers to avoid being near waste containers and collection points when waste containers are being washed.

Kuopio waste center

Kuopio waste center’s functions for semi-trailers, trucks etc. operates as usually and waste is received normally. Practices can change due to changes in authority’s guidelines for safety measures.

Sorting stations and Kiertokukko containers

Due to circumstances during corona pandemic we ask our household customers to postpone visiting sorting and waste stations for the time being.


Store small amounts of waste at home until exceptional circumstances are over. If you need to visit sorting or waste station please follow the instructions concerning hygiene safety and keep required distance to staff members and other customers.


Waste companies have arranged the collection of pharmaceutical waste via pharmasies. Customers are adviced to store also pharmaceutical waste at home for the time being.


When visiting sorting station pay attention to following hygiene safety instructions:

  • Don’t visit stations if you are sick, have returned from abroad within 14 days or you are under a quarantine.
  • Avoid close contact. Keep at least 5 meters distance to other people.
  • Look after for good hand hygiene.
  • Use tissue or sleeve when sneezing or coughing.

Sorting station’s Kiertokukko containers are closed for the time being.

Noutokukko service

Noutokukko-service continues 1.6.2020. Orders can be placed.

Visits and guidance

For the time being we don’t take visitors to our premises and all meetings are held via Teams or Skype. Also our environmental educators guidance meetings, lectures and lessons are arranged via Teams or Skype or posponed for later this year.


If you need extension for your payments, please contact us before hand or instantly when you receive the bill. Ropo Capital help desk services you via phone or e-mail and also on Ropo Online chat service.

Ropo Capital customer service

Mon-Fri  8–20, Sat 10–15

Phone 09 856 080 45


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